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Some Bandon Related Births, Marriages and Deaths in Murragh

Marriages at Murragh Church of Ireland:

11th January, 1858.  George Roch of Bandon married Catherine Welsh of Murragh
22nd October, 1762. William Baldwin of Murragh married Mary Milner, parish of Kilbrogan
19th November, 1775.  Able Nordrige married Martha Clear, both of parish of Kilbrogan
4th May, 1776.  William Jagoe of Fanlobbus married Mary Baldwin of parish of Kilbrogan
13th July, 1777.  William Chambers married Ann McCan both of parish of Kilbrogan.  Married in Murragh Church
13th July, 1782.  Mr Charles Clemins of parish of Kilbrogan married Miss Elizabeth Baldwin of Parish of Kilbrogan
20th October, 1782.  James Morgan of parish of Kilbrogan married Mary Good of Murragh
18th February, 1783. Thomas Hornibrook of parish of Kilbrogan married Ann Hornibrook of Murragh
15th January, 1784.  Robert Manus of Bandon, Clothier, married Elizabeth Mellefont
March, 1786.  Dr Tresilian married Miss Wheeler of Bandon
17th April, 1786.  Francis Abbott of Bandon married Ann Hayes, daughter of William Hayes of Ballymoney
16th April, 1786.  Jeremiah Coghlan married Miss Welsh, daughter of Barry Welsh of Bandon on Easter Sunday.
15th March, 1798.  William Hingston married Jane Abbot of Bandon.
16th May, 1802.  George Roberts and Elizabeth Lovel both of parish of Kilbrogan.
14th April, 1807.  Joseph Lovell of parish of Kilbrogan and Anne Webb of Fanlobbus.
19th May, 1807.  Thomas Gabril of Bandon and Jane Regan of Murragh.
5th February, 1810.  George Davis and Mary Norris both of parish of Kilbrogan.
27th February, 1810.  John Miller of Kilbrogan and Elizabeth Seabury of Murragh.
19th February, 1814.  William Hamilton, jnr of Bandon and Susan Burchill, daughter of George Burchill of Murragh by lic.
19th February, 1814.  Thomas Sealy of the parish and Margaret Clear of Car. parish of Kilbrogan.
20th February, 1814.  Thomas Burts of Drumkeen, Innishannon and Margaret Crowley of Killowen by licence.
5th November, 1815.  John Good of Ballymodan married Elizabeth Melefont of Murragh.
8th September, 1818.  Henry Good of Murragh married Mary Parrott of Ballymodan.
10th February, 1820.  John Lane of Kilbrogan married Mary Bullen of Bengour, Murragh.
25th May, 1822.  Robert Edwards of Bandon married Anne Connell, parish of Kilbrogan by licence in Murragh Church by Rev William Sullivan.
24th September, 1823.  William McCarthy Barter of Bandon, Kilbrogan married Eliza Baldwin of Cork Grove.
17th April, 1827  Edward Miller of parish of Kilbrogan married Elizabeth Wood of Farranthomas.
7th June, 1829.  John Burchill of Ballymodan married Elizabeth Riordan of Murragh.
9th February, 1832.  John Duke of Lisnamony, Murragh married Alice Hosford of Rough Grove, Kilbrogan by licence
23rd OCtober, 1834.  Paul Vickery of Whiddy married Elizabeth Bullen of Carhue parish of Kilbrogan.
24th November 1835.  John Hosford of Kilbrogan married Elizabeth Crowley.
21st August, 1841.  John Hodges Clerk of Murragh married Mary Richardson, parish of Kilbrogan.

Deaths at Murragh Church of Ireland:
22nd August, 1784.  James Stanley, son of James, parish of Kilbrogan.  Aged 2.
20th October, 1784.  Philip Hart, parish of Kilbrogan.  Aged 65.
30th January, 1785.  Elizabeth Hartt, wife of Samuel of Kilbrogan.
7th August, 1785.  James Landers, Bandon.  Innkeeper, aged 45. (Ran the King's Arm Hotel on North Main Street)
6th April, 1787.  David Stanley, parish of Kilbrogan, farmer.  Aged 87.
5th November 1802.  Francis Atkins of Bandon.
19th April, 1807.  Joseph Stanley of Bandon.
1st April, 1814.  Mary Lovel of Bandon
10th July, 1817.  David Stanley of Bandon aged 42.
21st August, 1817.  C. Stanley of Carough, Kilbrogan aged 74.
17th April 1818.  John Shorten of Bandon
11th March, 1821.  John Shorten of Ballymodan.
20th December, 1821.  William Lane of Kilrbogan aged 74.
22nd December, 1821.  William Lane, son, Kilbrogan aged 18.
14th July, 1822.  Anne Bradfield of Darahoole, Kilbrogan, aged 60 at Murragh.
16th February, 1823.  Thomas Bullen of Kilbrogan at Murragh
20th December, 1823.  Ann Tanner, wife of Walter of Kilbrogan aged 34 at Murragh.
12th April, 1828.  George Lane of Kilbrogan aged 18  months.
3rd October, 1829.  John Lane of Bandon aged 38 (new graveyard)
Dec 1829.  Mrs Phillips, Bandon
13th October 1830.  Richard Buttimer of Bandon aged 52.  (new)
25th July 1831.  Jane Crowley of Kilbrogan aged 48  (new)
15th November 1831.  Henry Good of Bandon aged 65.  (new)
4th September 1842.  James Good, son of Robert and Mary of Kilbrogan.  aged 6.  (New)
24th October, 1842.  Mrs James Stanley of Carhue, parish of Kilrbogan aged 84 at Murragh Churchyard.

Baptisms at Murragh Church of Ireland:
18th February, 1776.  Ann Stanley, daughter of James and Susan, parish of Kilbrogan.
28th March, 1779.  Elinor Jagoe, daughter of William and Maryann of Kilbrogan.
22nd April, 1781.  Ledgy Stanley, daughter of James and Susanna of Kilbrogan.
19th May, 1782.  Joseph Payton, son of Joseph and Rebecca of Ballymoney (could be connected to Bandon Paytons)
30th Jan 1791  Catherine Hornibrook, daughter of Daniel and Catherine of Kilbrogan.  1 1/2 years.  Sponsors.  James Bradfield, Richard Clear, Ann Scott, Sarah Willson
30th January, 1791  James Hornibrook, son of Daniel and Catherine of Kilbrogan. Aged a fornett??.  Sponsors.  Isaack Randles, David Bush, Kitt Hornibrook, Susannah Stanley.