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Some Bandon Related Births, Marriages and Deaths in Desertserges Church of Ireland

Marriages at Desertserges Church of Ireland:

26th December, 1811.  Arthur Green of Desertserges married Ann Ridley of Ballymodan.  W. John Miller
8th September, 1813.  Robert Clarke of Bandon and Elizabeth Clear by lic.  W.  Daniel Green
22nd June, 1824.  Hewitt Poole Baldwin Esq and Elizabeth Kingston, eldest daughter of George Kingston of Bandon deceased with permission of Rev Joseph Jervois, vicar of Ballymodan by Rev Alleyn Evanson
3rd April, 1834.  Abraham Morris Baldwin Evanson Esq of Four Mile Water to Elizabeth Rose Sealy of Richmount by lic with consent of Rev Mountiford Longfield by Rev Alleyn Evanson.
12th June 1834.  Edward Scott of Bandon to Elena McCarthy of Bandon by licence.
23rd June 1835.  William Starkey of Killanny, Co Cork to Rebecca Robinson of Bandon.
12th November, 1835.  Robert Popham of Coofadda to Alice Stewart of Bandon by licence.
7th August, 1838.  William Bennet of Ballymodan, shopkeeper to Elizabeth Hunter of same by lic.  Witness.  William Hunter, Edward Hart
3rd November, 1838.  Henry Gillman Esq of Ballymodan to Mary Ottley of Kilbrogan, spinster by lic. Witness.  daniel Young, Thomas Greene.
15th January, 1839.  James Pope of Ballymodan, farmer and Mary Bullen of Kilbrogan by licence.
20th August, 1839.  William Scott of Ballymodan to Mary Shine of Ballymodan by licence.
26th September, 1839.  Stephen Browne of Dublin Esq, BL to Amelia Juliana Strong of Kilbrogan and late of Tiverton, Devon by lic.  W. John Browne, clerk.  John Stewart, clerk.
9th July, 1840.  William Moore of Ballymodan to Anne Roche Busteed of Ballymodan.  W.  Henry Harris.
22nd September 1840.  William Robinson of Ballymodan to Margaret Shine of Ballymodan.  W. William Scott, Thomas Hunter.
1st December, 1840.  Thomas Vaughan to Hannah Lee, both of Ballymodan.
4th February, 1841.  John Clerke of Kilbrogan to Eliza Buttier of Desert.  W. John Buttimer.
22nd July, 1841.  Edward Craig of Holy Trinity, Cork to Sarah Robinson of Ballymodan.  W. John Taylor.
7th August, 1841 James Sealy of Kilgariffe to mary Donovan of Ballymodan.  W. Robert Kingsborough. John Fitzpatrick.
1st February, 1842.  Richard Boyd of Desert to mary Hallenan of Nag Hill, Bandon. W. Mary Halnan.
7th July, 1842.  John Edward Heard Esq, Timoleague to Elizabeth Heard of Ballymodan.  W. William John Jagoe and William Hawkins Jnr.
1843.  Rev Richard J. Meade, Kilbrogan and Sarah Lane of Kilbrogan by lic.  W. James Lane and N.D. lane.
10th February, 1844.  James Sweeny of Bandon and Sarah Good of Timoleague.
12th September 1844.  Daniel Humphreys of Ballymodan to Catherine Roche of Kilbrogan.  W. John Cotter, Abraham Loane.
9th October, 1847. Richard J. Long of Bandon aged 36, son of James, Gent married Ellen Donovan aged 26, daughter of Jeremiah, farmer, by licence.  W. Robert T. Wheeler.  William Green.
20th November, 1849.  Thomas Bevill, widower, farmer, Currivredy, Ballymodan, son of Alexander to Jane Joyce, Cashel Desert, daughter of William, Farmer.  W. Richard Mills, David Sullivan.

Desertserges Church of Ireland Burial
18th October, 1817.  Edward Cotter of Bandon.
18th May, 1827.  Richard Harris, Medical Doctor of Bandon buried at Desert.
23rd July, 1835.  Jean Beamish, wife of John of Bandon.